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About Bongo's Dogs
It's not just a hot dog, it's a Bongo Dog!
"Welcome to Bongo's Dogs.  We are a family-run, independent mobile food cart striving to offer the best quality food second to none.  We take great pride in our commitment to quality and high standards for our customer service.  We only use the highest quality ingredients and clean handling.

In addition to our mobile hot dog cart business we offer other opportuninities such as private parties and business requests for having our food cart on site.

If you're in our area, please stop by to sample our food or just to say hello."
Some of our key elements and things that make us different than other hot dog cart vendors are:
  • Over 10 years of retail staff experience.
  • All-Beef full-length hot dogs and fresh bakery style buns.
  • Extensive Business and Customer Excellence background.
  • Highest standards of quality assurance.
  • Unique "Bongo Style", chili bean sauce.
  • Special ingredients such as sour kraut and cream cheese spread to enhance the flavor of the allready delicious hot dog.
  • Assorted chips and cold beverages including sodas and bottled water.
"It's not just a hot dog, it's a Bongo Dog."